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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> the bay area assembly woman wants to make it difficult to buy guns and ammunition as it is to buy cold medicine. details coming up and a live report.
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>> a man is on the run and severance is go after setting a woman on fire, the tail straight ahead. >> tickets for the 49ers playoff game against green bay packers go on sale this morning. more on i get tickets and a look ahead at the business round match up coming up. >> it is a chilly start, erica has a look at your forecast. good morning erica. >> good morning and you are right it is cold a couple of spots are hovering just above the freezing mark. the fog is here and is settled into inland areas. expect sunny and warmer conditions later on in the afternoon. taking a look at numbers, 38 at 4 currently in app of 34 out the door in concord. a look at where the numbers are expected to go coming up and my next report. >> we are starting to see heavier traffic returning to
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bay area freeways and bridges as well. there is a bit of a back up for me in the cash lanes on the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not likely to stay with us but it should in the next the next 15 to 20 minutes see metering lights activated at a return to the backups. the san mateo bridge is backed up free and the ride around the bay it looks good. a quick check commute shows light traffic for the south bay peninsula and north bay. we're picking up fog of the san mateo bridge and there is a eight fog abies refer the dumbarton bridge. it is already heavy for the all to my and i wait for their antioch. >> news story for you this morning assembly, nancy skinner is announcing legislation today to regulate ammunition sales and ban high-capacity magazines and california. will tran is live in oakland with this and he says it is far too easy to get their hands on as ammunition.
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>> that's right she says it is too easy and it is more difficult to get cold medicine. they will ask for your identification and take down your information. she says for gun sales, that is just not there and it is not right. we are in for the oakland police apartment because obviously they have been fighting crime for a long time. they have done buybacks and deals going on. this definitely pertains to oakland and that is why oakland's mayor will be at the news conference. here are some blood points from assembly that she is wanting to introduce. she wants to make sure that all buyers present their identification to the sellers at the time of purchase. when the birds as ammunition, all ammunition sales must be reported to the department of justice. she points that out because in our recall route of the suspect stockpiled as many as 6000
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rounds of ammunition without anyone even being tipped off about it. there were no red flags and she wants to make sure that that does not happen in the future. all sellers must have background checks to make sure everything is on the up and up and all right with them. and again she bases are run and new town conn. you can change a clip into a high-capacity magazine and have all of those magazines available. she is trying to strike while the iron is hot and we will bring that news conference to you live as it happens. >> let me about some new nominations of from the president this morning. he plans to nominate former
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republican senator jack an eagle as his nominee to become the next defense secretary as secretary to replace outgoing director leon panetta. republican senator lizzy gramm expressing concerns about hegel's past positions. he is a decorated wared the party line by opposing this troops surge in the rock. you also have over, a vocal opposition from pro-israeli groups who object to his stance on a high rent and hamas. is also face of opposition from the rafters for a comment he made in 1998 for disparaging been president bill clinton's nominee for u.s. ambassador to luxembourg was openly gay. president obama will be nominating john brennan for director of the cia to replace the david petraeus and resigned are the scandal regarding his affair. brennan reserve and the cia for 25 years and currently serves as the president's
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top counter-terrorism adviser. present all, consider britain for the top c.i.a. job in 2008 but britton withdrew his name and questions about his connection to a and i enhance interrogation techniques that it in the cia during the bush administration. >> a man is on the run this morning after police say he intentionally set a woman on fire and the baby district of sampras's go. police a 22 year-old dexter caliber and a victim were dating. the victim is being treated in the burn center at st. francis hospital. witnesses tell the sampras as the police said they heard a woman screaming on hollister avenue between third and jennings yesterday after numb. police say oliver approached her, through flammable liquid over her, and then set her body on fire. it's possible that after words our walk down the street and boarded a light rail train. investigators not releasing will lead to the confrontation and many in the neighborhood are shocked
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this happen. >> it is awful. the words that i have my heart, being a pastor i will not save them. i am so glad we can see a difference. gun violence is one thing but setting someone on fire is and other mayhem. >> police the next hour is about five san that weighs 155 lbs.. he was last seen wearing a red light and heavy, dark pajama pants with multicolor sam ride for it with gray and red nike tennis shoes. he also has a unique year cut with a fist card out on one side of his hair and a lightning bolt on the other. the police say and that's their however is the only suspect. he is now facing attempted murder charges including arson. >> tickets are the weekend of is a round playoff game between the 49ers in the green bay packers will go on sale this morning. the 49ers and packers are said to play candlestick park on saturday at 5:00 p.m..
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tickets for the game will be available today starting at 10:00 a.m. and again be part purchased online through ticketmaster. keep hitting refresh to try to get those tickets, they will sell really quickly. >> rumors swirl of the new apple store coming to the north bay. we will tell you what we have been able to confirm so far. or a theater share james holmes is on the trial starting today. more than 155,000 students in the east coast city may not have a ride to school this week. that story and others straight ahead.
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>> watching wall street the dow was up 44 and the nasdaq is up one. that's impious o wanting bank of america, they have settled with fannie mae, $10 billion. 6.8 billion they are buying
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back loans that are sold to settle mortgage claims with fannie mae. most of this comes out with countrywide. bankamerica purchased countrywide and this week investors will be all about earnings reports. the first report is due tomorrow, followed by wells fargo. the fourth quarter reports for the last three months of 2012 are very important because it gives investors an idea of how companies perform for last year. the futures are down 20. >> it looks like apple the company may be invading wine country. it looks like the storage heading to napa because the that giant is advertising retell the out for an application. no word yet on where the actual location of the new apple store might be but we will
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>> that fund is surrounded the san mateo bridge with dangerous driving conditions. this is around the peninsula and it is even thicker than some of our inland spots. mid-30s for santa rosa and napa, 39 degrees in oakland and 37 in fremont. visibility is a big story this morning and it is almost nonexistent and livermore. down to 7 mi. an concord mountain view is down to a mile and a half, drive with extra caution. keep a safe distance between you and the card for review. in the 8:00 hour this out fog will certainly hang around and will start to burn off as we head into the afternoon. after nine heights, 57 for downtown stamford cisco, 64 oakland,
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58 for san mateo, 574 livermore. satellite and radar shores we have rain to our north and it will stay there. high pressure is in control of arrest but we're still dealing with partly cloudy skies. we will continue with warmer than usual weather into tomorrow with the potential for rain as we head into wednesday and thursday. temperatures will be in the mid '50s on thursday and we will see an increase in the winds. 6:17 a.m. and on to traffic with george. >> we will start at it as a 580 in the westbound direction were traffic is backing up in a typical commute pattern. we're looking at a 28 minute drive time. the reds as heavy traffic coming through the optima past. san jose traffic does not begin to back up yet the northbound 1 01 drive time is still pretty good. you can see,
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most of the green showing on the map and we are running at about 80 minutes from the coyote valley 2237. the marin ride still looks good with the drive time still under 25 minutes. the bay bridge ride is not too bad, you can see it is starting to to lead at the toll plaza. the meeting lights have been activated. we knew we would see a return to normal traffic flow. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 in the southbound direction is still moving smoothly. fog is a factor on some bridges this morning but not for the golden gate. >> the alameda county coroner has identified a man who was run over and killed on 880 and oakland over the weekend. the chp says 40 year-old david mayorga crash is not a
6:20 am
cynic into the center divider on near high street and then attempted to run across four lanes of traffic last night. he was struck by two cars and was killed. the crash light traffic on northbound 880 for several hours. >> the man accused of murdering seven people at tokyo's university will back in court today for mental competency hearing. one goh has been charged with murder and also faces attempted murder charges. he is accused of going on is the rampage and april of last year and schools administrators say he was upset about it to was in dispute. he allegedly confessed to being a shooter. >> is san jose family is
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lucky to be alive this morning after their rise caught on fire. the fire happened on the 2500 block of loomis and drive around 630 last night. authorities say may occupy was inside, the time was able to escape without any injuries. officials say this fire spread throughout the house causing major damage and the cause remains under investigation. >> police are searching for a suspect after a taxicab driver was stabbed outside of the macarthur bart station. police say that around 645 saturday night a man got into a taxicab outside the bart station on 40 street. the suspect in driver then got into an argument which ended when the suspects that the driver. the man then fled on the scene on fled and the cab driver was taken to hospital. the victim is in stable condition and police are still searching for the missing suspect. palo alto police say an alert neighbor help them
6:22 am
lead to a man suspected of stealing packages off from porches in the south bay. 105 year-old andrew philip and stafford was taken into custody on the year's day. after they reported seeing him still to baggage is from a house on marshall drive. police that elf on a gun, a baton, and drugs is ever struck when they arrested him. detectives also surged average storage locker in campbell and safe on packages that may been stolen from homes in san jose. watching gas prices across the bay area of the prices and 2012 are starting to edge upward and the new year. the average price for a gallon of regular gas and francisco's $3.67 this morning the bay area but san jose and oakland the average is $3 of 59¢ and $3.57. these prices compared to the state average of $3.60. we will be back with more news.
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what's in the latest bout of colorado today james of halls of the suspect in colorado's movie theater shooting is expected to appear in coat and less than two hours. the grisly details surrounding the mass shootings could finally go public as a preliminary hearing gets underway. prosecutors are expected to
6:26 am
call scores of witnesses this week as they out on their evidence in the case. holmeses attorney is expected to argue he has diminished capacity in the hearing could last all week. >> president obama has signed a super storm sandy aid package into law. the bill includes more than $9 billion to help the government tapes led insurance claims. it was the first legislative action of the new congress after the previous session show a vote last week on a much larger assistance plan for storm victims various lawmakers away and no more than $50 billion in additional sandy a later this month. that portion will likely face a much tougher review. some new york students with a ride to school this morning may not have won by wednesday. union leaders say in your city bus driver may go on strike. that will mean more than 150,000 public
6:27 am
school students will have to find another way to school. drivers are disputing the contract a mean some lost jobs. current contracts are set to expire at the end of june in the department has ari prepared for a walkout, by public bus fare cards for students. >> 5 bay area middle schools are making a great as they made state superintendent of public instruction time for lactose tolerance extends list of middle california's middle grade schools to watch in 2013 union middle school in san jose, san lorenzo valley middle school and felt then and scotts valley middle school were each named for the first time this year. also of joining the list below for the sixth year are canyon middle school and castro valley and and the hill middle school in redwood. the by school made the point list of 21 middle schools statewide this year that have consistently shown academic excellence and provides students support.
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>> waiting for the opening bell on wall street we will speak with rob black coming up at 645 this morning. big news the bank of america, details coming up next.
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>> big news with bank of america, they have agreed to pay fannie mae 2.6 billion and buy back 6.8 billion in mortgages. that is to settle claims from fannie fe because of countrywide. as
6:31 am
we take a look here i'm trying to figure out what that is. wells fargo will be reporting earnings after the closing bell tomorrow. more on that and other markets coming up throughout the morning. >> maybe they're associated with some ski company? here's a look in your weather with erica. >> we are expect have temperatun the close but side with some people waking up with temperatures of mid 30's. into the afternoon wore conditions and into tomorrow temperatures are a little warmer than average. great returns are forecast in the middle of the week. right now, visibility is limited
6:32 am
in that boat to 7 mi. an concord, three tenths of a mile and livermore. foggy conditions and not lucky to fog tracker for coming up in my next report. >> december is undethe dumbarton mateo bridge are under a fog advisory. the good commute sag shows there is still heavy traffic to contend with this morning for interstate 580 and highway 4 in the east bay. south bend peninsula up north bay are not fanciful slaying but we do not have slowing for you there yet. we do have a backup of the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have these standards as go 49ers gearing up for the match up against the green bay packers and tickets for the big game go on sale this morning. jackie sissel is joining us live
6:33 am
fro there had >> the 49ers are posting their division game at candlestick. those tickets, as you said are going on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m.. you cannot give them at the stadium, you will have to go on ticketmaster. because the 49ers have a huge it season-ticket base, it is unclear how many tickets will be available. you have to go to ticketmaster to get them. they'll look at some of the prices, the highest prices are about $430. the lowest priced tickets are about $115. did you then i give them once again master obviously their other sites like craigslist and stub hub. you will pay more. a lot more money. this will
6:34 am
be the second time the 49ers have played the green bay packers this year. they beat them at the first at a time. the game starts at 5:00 p.m. on saturday. >> both have teams have changed since their first meeting. that's against it again go on sale today at 10:00 a.m.. >> secretary of state and hillary clinton is returning to work today for the first time since she was sidelined by health problems. she was released in the house allow wednesday following three days of treatment. her troubles started first back in december when she fainted from the hydrogen in the hydratio dehydration brought ony the summit flow. houseless cover the blood clot what
6:35 am
testing for a concussion. clinton is scheduled to meet with assistance secretaries of state this morning. >> berkeley assemblywoman nancy skinner is scheduled to reintroduce legislation aimed at tougher gun control in california. she is expected to propose a law that will regulate and tighten ammunition sales and the state and band high- capacity magazines. oakland mayor jean kwon is expected to attend the news conference announcing the legislation. skinner's new bill require background checks and will require an initial purchasers to show their id. >> a woman has died after a car went off and on ramp and into a pond on san jose. what this is a vehicle failed to make it turn on the ramp on alameda and expressway and instead drove straight up a curb drug fence and into upon around to 40 yesterday afternoon. authorities in the car became submerged in the pond. bystanders and emergency responders tried to reach the driver who was
6:36 am
trapped inside the car. authorities say the driver whose identity has not been released was removed from the vehicle by divers around 315 and taken to hospital where she is pronounced dead. investigators are still trying to determine what caused the accident. >> san jose police are investigating the first homicide of the year after a woman found a man's body in the driveway of her home. the hamas on the 1900 block of tripoli avenue and san jose little saigon district. the victim who police say appeared kevin schott is a latino man in his 30's. police have not release his name and they do not know how he ended up at the neighborhood. no arrests have been made so far. the last the cities of 46 homicides last year, the most recorded in the last 20 years. authorities arm as the
6:37 am
getting of seating and a 16 year-old girl near cappuccino eyes: millbrae. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the shooting happened late saturday across the street from the school. this sense of this is the victim is in stable condition but how she is a link to the shooting or if the motive was behind act is still unclear. police also said they currently do not have a suspect discriminatiodescription. >> after 16 hours of negotiations the nhl employers have reached a tentative agreement that would salvage the season. the and the nhl lockout could meet a boost in business around age people billion home of the san jose sharks. owners of bars and restaurants around the stadium could be more thrilled having noticed a slump in business since the lockout began. >> we got to the point where we would add to stopped scheduling some employees but now we get her about 15
6:38 am
more. people are chosen for their hockey, they got have it. >> was charged as a bit without games the last 115 days. the agreement still has to be ratified by the players and the nhl owners but games could begin as soon as january 19th. here's a live look from mt. tam as we look back at san francisco. clear for the most part and if you can sit see past sutro and make up the fog and haze in the background it is kind of you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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it's an upgrade to yourself. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> google chairman eric
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smith is in north korea and the as part of a delegation by former new mexico gov. bill richardson. now he says this man is going as a private citizen as an engine is said and north korea's economic issues and its use of social media. richardson says the delegation also plans to acquire about a korean american u.s. citizen detained there. the hope is to let the groundwork for that detainee to return home. the stay debarment is not very happy about this visit which comes a month after north korea launched ballistic missile in violation of the u. n band. >> lindsey lohan is expected in court today. she will learn whether a prosecutor will pursue as a meter assault charges against her.
6:43 am
she is accused of punching a woman in a manhattan nightclub in november. a lawyer says the actress is once again of victim of someone looking for 15 minutes of fame. after today's court appearance lindsey lohan will face probation violation hearing next week. is that searing stems from a november car crashes and monica and the actress has been in and out of court 19 times since 2007. >> erica has your monday morning forecast. oslo who claims the outside the box office of this first week of the year? the numbers are coming up.
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>> a man is on the run this morning after intentionally setting a woman on fire.
6:47 am
baxter howeve police a 22 year-old baxter however and the victim were dating. she is currently being treated in the burn center at st. francis hospital and however is facing attempted murder charges including arson. a big announcement from bank >> a big announcement from bank of america but this is
6:48 am
really from countrywide which bankamerica now owns. >> this could be one of the worst acquisitions of all time. this is old memos. now they know the fine at bank of america wall street will accept this this morning. bad headlines sometimes equal good stocks. but you'd dump stocks after something like this? >> i think it will have the best earnings rose in 2013. if not bank of america, wells fargo. you can find something to put in your portfolio. >> they all resorts was ringing the bell this morning. >> you do not want to be
6:49 am
taking advice from a television monitor but it is ok. if you're going the slopes and they are high and people are paying more for skiing this year than last year at is good. the resorts have a monopoly. >> this is the week we get all the fourth quarter earnings and the market's way depending on what happens. anything interesting? >> expectancy the ceo of our call tomorrow after the market closes with something along the line of what this is picking up and and your at it is stabilized. -- europe >> will check back with
6:50 am
round with winners and losers on wall street. >> watching the weather right now here's a look from our roof cam in mind as ave. >> we are taking a live outside and this is the san mateo bridge. we did see some really dense fog of couple of reports ago but it looks like it's not too bad currently. the dense fog advisory is in effect. dry with extra caution at a distance of the fog we are also contending with it chilly temperatures. napa as 34 degrees out the door and upper 30's out for oakland. visibility it shows we're down to 4 mi. and napa up. three tenths of a mile and livermore in the fog is
6:51 am
making its impact in the bay area. the fog is not tobacco along the waterfront -- fog is not too bad it will be a dry and sunny day in the east bay with their fill the 57, 58 for walnut creek 59 for while the city. and the north bay low 60s expected for santa rosa and napa up. 59 for rich men at sea, 64 oakland. satellite and radar at shows rain and portions of this pacific northwest. high pressure is in control and we do have partly cloudy skies and dry weather into tomorrow as well. wednesday night we have the chance for some showers and continuing into thursday. friday is
6:52 am
expected to be cool and breezy. saturday and sunday cool and breezy. a lot of changes in your extended forecast, keep your umbrella handy for wednesday into thursday. >> adding to the peninsula and to the area around palo alto, menlo park or at sandhill park there is an accident reported. there are conflicting reports and because a little late as black people with early morning traffic we could see a back up here. interstate 80 is starting to show signs of slowing. drive times 16 to 80 minutes. your ride on 580 westbound is heavy this morning as you come out of the of some not pass. i return to to go commute pattern. 680 southbound from
6:53 am
the dublin system all grade is sluggish. lawyers and a bit of some slowing on 85 north and to saratoga and on 1 01 leading into 28880. the bridges are heavy again this morning. the bay bridge is just like the old days with a westbound back up reaching to west grand ave. 80 minutes drive times being clocked out of the macarthur maze. there's a bit of fog on the san mateo as was the dumbarton bridge this morning. the toll plaza has almost disappeared from time to time. the golden gate bridge is an easy ride across the span and there is no slowing from marin county on 1 01 southbound. >> the latest installment of the texas chainsaw franchises and the top spot at the box office this weekend. though morris siegel said texas chainsaw 3 d was number one with a 23 million-dollar debut. is a
6:54 am
follow-up to the 1974 film. meanwhile quentin tarantino's or revenge in side- django unchain held the no. 2 spot with just over $20 million. three weekends after climbing box office gold part one of peter jack's as the hobbit trilogy was in third place was $17.5 million. >> them forget to watch dr. phil right after the kron4 morning is at 10:00 a.m.. we will be right back.
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>> the national archives is
6:58 am
displaying really seen that gets an item showing milestones and manned space flight from president nixon's administration. as is the first man to the moon on apollo 11 mission during nixon's presence presidency and follow with five or low emissions. the archives will look back at nixon's support for the space program. the new exhibit will open today and include the telephone mixing used to talk to the apollo 11 astronauts after their moon landing and a speech drafted a case of a disaster and i am used to light moon rocks. >> in just two minutes we will check on today is whether and what a bay area at assembly woman is doing to try to limit ammunition sales. we will hear complete details about what happened in the your movie theater with james holmes. also,
6:59 am
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